About Xenoform Labs

The Xenoform Labs Residency is an invitation-only art residency program for new media artists from outside of the Bay Area. It provides free housing and a studio space for 1 month for one artist/couple. The studio includes digital media, virtual reality hardware, media production and light fabrication. During this residency period, we will host events for the artists to connect with local thinkers, artists and curators in the Bay Area. We plan to support 2-3 artists per year with flexible timing

About the Studio Space
The studio space is in an apartment with two studio rooms, a kitchen and a small balcony facing the backyard. You will stay downstairs in a separate bedroom. My home is the apartment on the top floor. Xenoform Labs is located in the center of the Mission.

The Xenoform Labs studio supports prototyping, digital media, virtual reality hardware, media production and light fabrication.

Stop Over Residency

Xenoform Labs also offers a less formal “Stopover Residency”. This is a 3-4 day residency at Xenoform Labs, which is offered to selected artists, thinkers and curators. The idea is that if you are in San Francisco doing a stopover for another trip, you have a space for creative inquiry.

This is an alternate to the 1-month long Xenoform Labs Residency, which is more structured with a deeper commitment.

How it works
During the Stopover Residency you will brainstorming ideas and prototyping new work. Together or with other relevant artists, we will share research, develop a dialogue around a shared idea, perhaps generate some prototypes or directions for new work to go in.

In the evening, we will conclude the activity with a public presentation: a talk or exercise to engage about 15 selected people in the art and tech community in San Francisco.