Vanessa Rosa

Vanessa Rosa is a US based Brazilian visual artist and art historian. Her work merges physical and digital media into a storytelling continuum. Murals become portals to an imaginary world with projection mapping, ceramics metamorphose into living entities with the aid of AI models. She creates fictional tales about world history, past and possible futures intertwined. Vanessa has done mural paintings, exhibitions and other projects in South and North America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Some of the most important projects include: ‘Little Martians’ sci-fi universe, the children’s book ‘Diana’s World’, a painting about domestic violence for UN Women, a large scale mural for Pioneer Works (New York City), mural for Le Centre in Cotonou (West Africa), and coordinated the Sankofa project during Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games (an anti racism community painting).


Mural for Mars College. 2022

Little Martians are hybrids, existing between physical and digital, 2022

Project Description

Title: This Mural is a Time Traveling Portal

A mural depicting archways, stairways, a strong vanishing point, sensation of depth. One can see painted objects scattered in this imaginary space; items from the museum collection mixed with elements from the San Francisco landscape and some curious ceramic heads. QR codes integrated into the painting suggest there’s something more to the work than a naked eye can access. If seen through a smartphone’s camera, the work reveals every week a different thing: an AR filter, a video, a link to a custom metaverse, a story. The painting is a dynamic portal to another reality where strange creatures tell us what they know about the history of humanity.
During the night, the mural comes to life when light is projected on top of it. For a short time, the digital world can live with the physical.