Antajuan Scott

Antajuan Scott is a Detroit based cultural producer and curator exploring the intersecting worlds of art, science, technology and culture. Focused on participatory and collaborative engagements and experiences, Antajuan currently is the Head of Programming at Science Gallery Detroit a partnership with Michigan State University and the Global Science Gallery Network.

Twitter: @AntajuanS

Shark the Musical, composition for Depth Exhibition

Project Description

Future Present: Design in a Time of Urgency 

The process of design is integrated into every facet of existence, given both a “Grand” and “Systematic” designations. Our understanding of where these critical points of culture touch our lives is ever-evolving as technology and digitization transforms the way we live and connect. 

Although we are at the precipice of this connection to design, we have always seen it’s presence in nature. The way our biology and systems that we rely on are intricately connected; perfect, allowing us to live and grow.

Given the wonder that design has it also is a direct connection to inequality and disruptive practices that exclude based on race, gender and socio-economic conditions. 

Through a series of interviews and conversations with members of the San Francisco design and technology community, I will seek answers to the following:

How are systems designed to influence your life?

How does art serve as a discourse of the status quo? 

Are we able to influence access by designing or redesign?

What does an equitably designed future look like?

The interviews and conversations conducted will serve as a foundation for the exhibition’s catalogue and zine series.

Ecological Lullaby