Future Events

Xenoform Labs with be coordinating with local artists, educators, thinkers and activists to provide a space of critical discourse where in-depth teachings and collaborations take place. I’m committed to a diversity of voices and aim to include participants who may not have reasonable access to cutting-edge technology.

Please contact us if you are interested in setting up a workshop at Xenoform Labs

Past Events

Workbench Workshop by Pierre Forcioli-Conti

Jan 24, 2019

Our first workshop will be for anyone working with data: artists, designers, mappers and others. I met Pierre when he worked at Gray Area and we collaborated on some grant-writing. He’s smart and solid and has been working on Data Design Storytelling tools because he cares about making datasets work for knowledge.

Workbench (workbenchdata.com) is collaborative data workspace for storytellers. It makes it easy to connect, monitor, scrape, prepare and visualize data without coding. 

Workflows are designed from the ground up to be transparent and reproducible, so that publishers and audiences alike can access raw data, analysis and charts altogether.  

In this hands-on workshop, you’ll learn how to build live charts using social media data, find and connect data from multiple sources, visualize data stories, and create live API endpoint without a line of code.

This video explains Workbench in far more detail: