Ivan DelSol

Ivan DelSol is a west-coast based software developer, outlaw thespian, and social sculptor. He is part of the development team at Derivative, creators of the TouchDesigner visual development platform. His coding focuses are UI/UX and system design, including the TDAbleton interface between Ableton Live and TouchDesigner. He is also a co-founder of the Opal Center For Arts & Education, a renegade community theater in rural Oregon, where he produces absurd pop-culture mashups including Little Orphan Aliens, Xanadune, and Raising Oklahoma. Ivan’s recent work includes digital experiments such as Star Trek Machine and magical experiments such as the Ritual Tarot of The Boundless Heart. His other lives have included teaching, global adventuring, video game programming, VJing, freight train hopping, collectible card game design, and a hundred tiny revolutions.

Project Description

Beauty in the shadow of a metacrisis

Ivan’s project at Xenoform will involve working with Scott Kildall and Vincent Naples on a project that explores the borders of art, technology, and magic, under the backdrop of a collapsing late-stage capitalism. Together, they will summon strange and wonderful spirits from the trappings of a society built on short-sighted technologies and questionable values.