Nico Shi

I’m committed to creating for nature and permaculture, crafting narratives that inspire us to be well-integrated within our environment as an artist and storyteller. I’m passionate about creating interactive worlds that are based on research in the theme of creating Protopias.

From the Solarpunk ‘Yang’ aspect, this includes the topics of infrastructure and ecosystem designs that utilize everything as part of the system and eliminate the man-made construct of ‘waste’.

From the Lunarpunk ‘Yin’ aspect, this includes topics about the psyche, the subconscious, personality archetypes, our emotional landscapes, and the mystical origins of our spirits. What do humans collectively dream of, and how do we influence each other to create feedback mind loops that are optimistic and positive to ripple out to the greater world?

I have grown to intuitively choose the digital space as my creative medium, as it offers a boundless open space for imagination and iterations. I’ve become very fluent with software such as game engines, web-based programming languages, AR creative suites, image, photo, and video editors, DAWs, and Livecoding environments. I see these tools as a way to support my creative extensions in different realms. Recently, I’ve started to experiment with working with physical materials & community building as another form of art, to enhance my understanding of real-world experiential designs, and the expansiveness and limitations of our human existence.

I see creating as the purest form of experiencing our lives, through this process, I learn to discover my deepest authentic self. Creating art is building a bridge to bring this out to the rest of the world.


An Agartha themed village render

Project Description

Protopian Garden is a virtual space for people to hang out with artificial intelligences designed to be personas of real life individuals & communal identities. It’s a place you can log in to have a chat with AI characters intoned in Protopian ideologies such as:

  • Zen Master that offers advice from the perspective of Zen Buddhism and Practical Mindfulness Practices
  • The Agartha bot that finds you interesting niche Solarpunk communities to visit
  • Miss Peach, a workout coach that gives you pro-tips on physical health & wellness
  • Holistic dietitian that gives you pro advice on meal planning & recipes to fulfill your specific diet needs
  • Jungnian dream analysis that reads into your dreams and help you unravel the wonders of your own psyche
  • Therapy bot that are trained with modern approaches of therapy such as (IFS, Myers Briggs personality types, Integral Studies, etc…)

Protopian Garden is more than a ‘store front’ for GPT bots, it is an intentionally designed space with artfully curated characters and styles, designed to help users achieve personal goals, holistic wellbeings and understanding of greater world integrations with a fun & vibrant gamified interface.

Desert Wanderer (3D scene)