Vincent Naples

Vincent Naples is a multi-media artist and digital technologist working with time-based media, procedural design and generative AI processes. As a performer, tool builder and educator, his passion lies in creating novel interactive experiences, navigating the boundaries of emergent technology, and engaging environment as an instrument. Working with TouchDesigner, Ableton and various mapping and creative coding pipelines, his work aims to critically explore praxis as medium and subvert normative cultural understandings of technology as a tool for expression.
Recent works include ShadowSelfie™, an interactive mirror powered by an AI cyberbully that reads an observer, and roasts their caricature, and HIVE, a performance UI and composition tool consisting of a family of custom components extending the functionality of TouchDesigner.

Project Description

Vincent looks forward to collaborating with Scott Kildall and Ivan DelSol at the Xenoform residency on new tools and experiments surrounding the injection of emergent AI “ears” and “mouths” into real-time performance and data sculpture pipelines.